Day: October 27, 2017

Make a Survival Cooking Kit From a Zebra Pot

There are tons of ways to make your own survival cooking kit. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make one using a zebra pot. DIY Cooking Kit: The Zebra Pot I have quite a collection of gear, like anyone else that spends time out doors, it accumulates quickly. […]

20 Quick, Easy and Savory Campfire Recipes

Do campfire recipes really have to consist of burgers and corn on the cob every night? We don’t think so. These easy recipes are guaranteed to amp up your next camping trip. 20 Quick, Easy and Savory Campfire Recipes Don’t just settle for burgers and hot dogs! We like to mix things up […]

All-Natural Antibacterial Gel You Can Quickly Make At Home

As the cold weather sets in, we find ourselves taking extra precautions to ensure we are not the next victim of the cold and flu viruses spreading around our communities. Perhaps we increase our vitamin intake or even obsessively wash our hands. And while those are easy to do around […]

Everyday Safety: Improve Your Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness. You’ve probably heard the term. Maybe you’re even familiar with the concept. Unfortunately, however, most people aren’t familiar with this key survival principle, and even those who do, rarely use the tactic. So, what is situational awareness? Brett & Kate McKay describe it this way: That superhuman ability […]