Month: February 2018

10 Hotel Habits to Keep You Safe | Self Defense

Last week I talked about  cultural faux pas that could land you in hot water while traveling abroad. In response to that, guest contributor Lucy brought up some very important personal security tips that you need to make a habit when you find yourself staying in a hotel room.  Lucy […]

Survival Food 101: Hardtack

Pilot bread, ship’s biscuit, shipbiscuit, sea biscuit, sea bread , “dog biscuits”, “tooth dullers”, “sheet iron”, “worm castles” or “molar breakers”. Hardtack has had many different names throughout the years but its importance has never changed. Hardtack has actually been around since the time of Egyptian Pharaohs, but if you […]

U.S. Marine Colonel Warns: “Homeland Security is Pre-Staging Gear and Equipment”

We live in a seemingly free country, so we’re told. But that may be because the majority of us have never spent time in a war zone or highly secured police state-like environment. Few of us understand what it looks like when military and state intelligence assets take over. Those […]

You Asked For It: Nana’s Biscuits Recipe

A few weeks ago I posted an article about cast iron cooking. While replying to comments, I reminisced about my grandmother’s homemade biscuits that she cooked in her decades old Cast Iron. Afterwards I was amazed that I had so many of you ask me for her recipe. Unfortunately I […]

US National Debt Passes $17 Trillion — That’s $53,769 Per Person

Image source: The government shutdown actually helped increase the national debt, as it jumped a record $328 billion the day after the shutdown ended and passed $17 trillion. The reason for the big day of borrowing was that the Treasury Department was shut down for two weeks and unable […]