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DIY Raised Garden Beds: A Home-Gardening Solution

These DIY raised garden beds are a creative gardening solution for those with limited yard space. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make your own! Home-Gardening Made Easy: Raised Garden Beds Here are some great and cost effective ideas for the perfect raised garden bed this spring! Wooden Pallets One cost […]

‘When Should I Pick It?’ — Harvesting Essentials For 12 Popular Vegetables

Every novice gardener has done it — picked too early or waited too long to harvest their vegetables. Even experienced gardeners have been known to let excitement get the better of them when they see that first tomato turning red on the vine. Since late summer and early fall is […]

6 Life-Saving Uses For An Ordinary Glass Bottle

It can be frustrating to see litter and trash lying on streets and in fields, but for the savvy survivalist, some trash can turn into life-saving tools. One such item that is commonly thrown away but can be re-purposed into a variety of different survival uses is the glass bottle. […]