The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit



If you live in the city, there’s something you should know. In case of SHTF scenarios, cities are far more dangerous than the suburbs or small towns. Getting stuck downtown during riot or a Hurricane with nothing on you to protect you could be fatal, despite you being in the sweet spot of civilization.

Living in an urban area may reduce the chance of snake bites or fighting off a tiger, but poses a different set of life and death threats. For instance, you’re stuck in an ATM vestibule and just when it’s time for you to cash out, there’s a blackout! Your tough luck comes into play and your phone runs out of battery. What would you do?

This is a very small example of what might happen in the future. To avoid and overcome such difficulties, I have listed a few essential things you might consider carrying in your urban survival kit.


When SHTF (tornado, earthquake, volcano eruption, etc.) or destiny makes you dance on your toes (loss of job, getting mugged, house on fire), it’s rare that your credit cards will be of any help. For this reason, it’s advisable to keep some cash on you. In a state of turmoil, getting mugged is more likely.

To avoid such emergencies, never keep all your cash in one place (like your wallet). Hiding cash in your socks or even your underwear is not a bad idea, either. Spread it out so that you always have something left with you. This is a similar strategy to when you hid lunch money as a kid from bullies or if you were the bully, the places you checked.

Food, Water etc.

Consider adding these as part of your urban kit:

  • Water is the essence of life and, according to the rule of threes, it’s much more important than food. Always have a 500 ml bottle of water, along with a LifeStraw as part of your urban everyday carry kit (EDC). The LifeStraw will help you get clean water from unfiltered sources such as ponds, artesian fountains and lakes. Legally surpassing the standards of EPA Water filters, it can purify 1000 liters of water and removes up to 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Energy-boosting food. Carry food that require little or no time to prepare. Energy bars and hard-candy are two good options that are high in carbohydrates and calories. If you like lollipops, they double as a self-defense weapon if you hold the candy inside your fist and let the plastic stick come out from between your fingers.
  • Vodka. Carry this fantastic liquor for its multi-functionality. Not only will it take control of your worry, but will also act as a major disinfectant. Besides that, you could trade it to a drunkard for something more big-league and life-saving!
  • Hard candy can prove to be bliss in hard times. It could cheer up your kids, and the sweetener present in it will boost energy levels. Also it is lightweight and doesn’t take much space in your Bug out Bag.

Obviously, you can’t carry everything from your kitchen. In urban chaos, if you need to find and eat something raw and uncooked for survival, fingers and hands aren’t the best tool. Yes, you’ve got to adapt a little. But utensils are lightweight and don’t take up much space. If you know how to use them, chopsticks are an alternative.

Tools and Gadgets:

To prep for urban mayhem, be wise and practical. Don’t go for the latest popular gadgets. No need to show off when everyone is running for the hills. Consider lightweight tools with multiple functions. Also, you might have to travel, or be in public places a lot. Knives may get confiscated so it helps to have an alternative handy.

  • A foldable knife is one of the best all-purpose tools that can be easily hidden.
  • Mobile phone and its battery charger, is oxygen for the urban dwellers. Even if not on this list, a mobile phone and its charger would be the first thing to put in your bag. In a state of emergency, telecommunication services are the foremost traitors. Keep your fingers crossed that connectivity remains intact, and you can contact your folks or get updates about the current situation.
  • USB sticks. In this apocalyptic era, a USB stick is the best harbinger of everything. As a survivalist, you should always keep a backup of your confidential data, ID proofs, bank papers, passport and stuff.
  • Disposable lighter and matchsticks. Lighters such a Zippo and Bics are not just compact but also better than matches. Keep them both, just in case. In the end, both of them together won’t weigh more than 100 grams.
  • Tasers. In an urban emergency where you have to deal with a bunch of goons, or even animals for that matter, Tasers are lifesavers. They can cripple your enemy quickly. A high-capacity Taser can yield up to 53,000,000 watts of power, good enough to cause paralysis.
  • Flashlights. Small flashlights are great for their size. Whether to cross a dark alley, or decipher a map in the dark, to reach the ultimate destination, flashlights are god-sent lights. J5 Tactical Flashlights or Keychain LED flashlights are great options.

Clothes and accessories:

When running for your life, you might tear your pants getting over a fence or get bitten by a dog. Keep in mind to carry an extra pair of clothes in your car or your backpack if you have room.

Also, you may look into adding Paracord and space blankets. There’s an endless list of ways you can use Paracord. Also, Paracord bracelets are totally “in” among preppers.

Likewise, space blankets aren’t just for going into outer space. They can provide you adequate warmth if you are shivering under North-Pole-ish weather. They are actually light metal-coated sheets, formerly developed for space travel use but they’ll do one heck of a job in keeping you warm.

You Might Want to Add These As Well

A few of the highly essential accessories are:

  • a whistle, which will help you raise an alarm and cry for help.
  • duct tape can seal opened food packages, put broken glass together, serve as a handcuff, etc.
  • pepper spray
  • a small, portable first aid kit
  • a little bit of toilet paper. Be it a cloth toilet paper, roman sponges, or some experimental alternatives, there’s a whole list of wipes waiting to be explored.
  • a toothbrush. In a bug out situation, you would need to carry this basic toiletry.
  • a pen and pencil. You might want to map out your route and directions, write down phone numbers and addresses in the absence of a phone, or just to leave someone message.

The Final Word

You must be wondering: Why care about it now?! I’m not even near a calamity-prone area! We’ll see when it happens.

Like they say, make hay while the sun shines. You will obviously not be able to locate all this equipment once chaos starts. And even if by some miracle, you find all the supplies you need, a tutor to teach you sewing, or a doctor to show you how to use your first aid kit will be impossible to find.

It’s wiser to take things seriously now than regret not preparing later on. Acquire all the necessary skills and techniques now. Experiment with what’s new and overcome obstacles by purchasing the essentials and doing the survival drills. You will be a pro before you know it!

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