Why You Should Stockpile Money For When The SHTF

In a long-term survival situation, there is the question about whether money should be stockpiled or not. It’s a valid question. If you think carefully about it, you may consider that money could be useful even during a disaster situation.

If you have the right kind of money.

Now, to be clear, for the purpose of this article, we don’t want to define money as anything that has value that can be traded. This would include such items as coffee and ammunition which will have value in a disaster situation. For our purposes, however, we’re going to focus on what is used almost exclusively as money, or, in other words, what is used primarily for its value as an item to be traded. This would leave us with paper money (like the U.S. dollar bill), coins (such as the pennies and quarters in your pocket), and with precious metals, often in the form of coins or bars.

You won’t want to stockpile paper money or the normal coins that you have in your pocket. Why? Because the only thing that gives them value is that our government says they have value and that the people using that money agree it has value. No government (as in a SHTF situation), no value. So, you’ll want to focus on gold or silver.

So, why gold or silver? Survivalist gives us this reason:

“Individuals who are purchasing gold and silver for survival purposes are looking to position themselves favorably for an uncertain future. In the event a global collapse scenario occurs, these owners of gold and silver will have an edge on the new economies and after collapse currency exchanges that develop in different parts of the world; they will have a tangible item that can be used to secure goods and services without delay. In fact, they may be the very people who develop the new currencies and exchange rates, as they are the ones in control of historically valuable assets.”

To put that in straightforward language, if you have gold and silver, you’ll be able to trade someone gold or silver for items that you want instead of trying to figure out what you have that you can use for barter. This means a faster purchase, and it also means that you are less likely to get denied (if all you have is extra coffee and they don’t need coffee, what else are you going to use to buy what you need from them?).

Also, as societies begin to rebuild, gold and silver will very likely be the type of money to be used as these economies rebuild, which has been the case historically. In other words, you’ll be the rich person in these rebuilding economies because you have money when no one else does. How will this allow you to better take care of your family?

Our advice is, if you aren’t already buying gold and silver coins, research and consider doing this so that you can best be prepared for when the SHTF.

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